2015-10 Purchased …. WEDDING BELLS

November 2015


We have secured the lots for our Ministry Center! Thank you to everyone for your continued support through prayers and for your generosity. God’s hand has guided us throughout this process; from finding the lots, raising the funds, negotiating the price, securing the lots, and making the purchase. Praise God!


Her enthusiasm, positive attitude, and love for the Lord is contagious! If you have ever visited Peru you would surely remember Erika, a graduate of the Darling House. She works as a dental laboratory technician but always makes time to help at English Camps or to help in any way she can.

Erika leads a discipleship group of

16-19 year olds every Saturday afternoon. She has always said she was content being single, patiently waiting for God to bring her a man who loved Jesus, was responsible, hardworking, respectful, and kind. Well, God did just that! Meet Wilson, Erika’s loving husband!

On October 17th David officiated the wedding ceremony in the “Bunker” accompanied by many of the graduates of the San Juan and Darling Houses, as well as family & friends. Even Erika’s sponsors, Kon & Kay Marine, from Minnesota were in attendance.

Erika surprised Wilson by singing a song to him during the ceremony expressing her love; it was a beautiful celebration! The love that Erika and Wilson have for Jesus and one another truly touched our hearts!

May He fill our hearts with His love,

David and Gina Stavros

Peruvian Partners