What A Weekend!

February 2016

February 2016

Love, accepted, pampered, encouraged, relaxed…



What a weekend! From the bumpy boisterous 2-hour bus ride through the unpaved roads, we arrived at the oasis of Cieneguilla. The women were electric with anticipation. Not to be disappointed, they were greeted by the welcoming team with little care packages, as they were ushered to their bunkbed rooms.

The Manhards, Lounsberries and Susan Johnson had all worked hard at preparing an extra special retreat for 80 women! We spent time around God’s word exploring what it meant to be loved, accepted, chosen, blessed, forgiven and redeemed.



what-a-weekend-002what-a-weekend-003Activities were prepared to express each “I am”.  With many gestures of kindness and generosity through “palanca”, the women were overwhelmed and encouraged by God’s touch through His people.

Also, we all spent time laughing, playing and being silent. Our relationships with one another and with God grew deeper.

In the weeks following the retreat, we have been reviewing the scripture verses of the retreat in our 12 groups of 12 to 15 women communicating the significance through art, theatre, music and testimony. We continue to “pass on” the message “I am loved!” “I am accepted!” “I am blessed!” “I am forgiven!” “I am redeemed!”     Let’s live like it!

Blessed, Gina y David Stavros

Peruvian Partners