About Peruvian Partners

Peruvian Partners serves disadvantaged families and children, bringing them spiritual, physical and economic hope. For lack of a place to live, this community of 17,500 Peruvians established their scrap lumber homes on a garbage dump. The Stavros work in this pueblo joven with the community leaders from the area to provide leadership development, health care and training in micro-family enterprises and Biblical principles. Peruvian Partners provides leadership and oversight for this multi-faceted outreach. David and Gina Stavros are responsible for:


  • Lead training seminars and retreats for leaders who lead weekly Bible studies for women, men, children, and teens; encouraging personal development, growth in Christ, emotional maturity, self-esteem and discipleship.
  • Teach parenting and marriage seminars/retreats
  • Lead evangelism training seminars and retreats


  • Administer an “adopt a family” program with the intention of keeping the integrity of the family in extreme poverty intact, while introducing them to the love of Jesus and how to walk with Him and grow in His grace
  • Guide a youth sponsorship program, which rescues teens in danger by providing a safe home, nurture, education in life skills, counseling, discipleship, vocational training and an opportunity for the teen to give back by serving the needy. The youth live in community with a mentoring family.
  • Oversee a boys’ home, Casa San Juan and a girls’ home, Casa Darling.
  • Individual career and life counseling
  • Lead small groups, retreats and seminars for young people and their mentors


  • Supervise and coordinate the “Huts to Homes” ministry: building homes, replacing cardboard/scrap lumber houses with brick and mortar. A person can work 12 hour days for a lifetime and never be able to build their own house. A house provides security, protection from the elements, mitigates the propagation of disease and gives dignity to the family. Also, as funds are available fixing roofs and bathroom installation are a priority for the poor.


  • Confront malnutrition and disease at the medical post in Flores de Villa, which is a beachhead for evangelism and demonstration of God’s unconditional love to the multitudes.
  • Manage the professional staff of the Flores de Villa medical post, which consists of a physician; RN, LPN, dentist, laboratory technician, nurses and pharmacist.
  • Lead a team of health promoters (women and men who have been in discipleship and are trained by medical professionals) to teach individuals or small groups in their community: nutrition, hygiene, disease prevention, self care, first aid, infant care, conflict resolution, self-esteem, parenting and communication skills, etc.


  • Oversee a center dedicated to meeting the needs of young families in extreme poverty by providing an early childhood stimulation daycare center. This center was opened because too many toddlers are locked in their homes while their parents go to work; too many babies are never given the opportunity to crawl or explore because of dirt floors and the unsanitary conditions in which they live. At an early age they become “locked” into the poverty cycle. Nutritional meals for the children and training for the parents are provided. Emphasis is placed on God’s redeeming grace.
  • Encourage specialists to visit the center to train, inspire and model for the teachers and children how to create a positive environment for the helpless little ones


  • Encourage a Peruvian led ministry to the elderly, women and men
  • Encourage a Peruvian led ministry to children, pre-teens, teens and teenage mothers


  • Encourage and coordinate short-term mission trips (construction, youth, VBS, medical, English camps, seminars, personal: to connect with adopted family/youth…)


  • Initiate and strengthen friendships with Peruvian decision makers, be they elected officials, professionals or business leaders, who potentially will strive to make a difference in the name of Jesus in the lives of the millions of people who live in poverty in Peru


  • Financial accountability is extremely important; several check and balances have been set up to make sure monies go directly to where designated and that God’s funds are used wisely
Peruvian Partners