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david-gina250In 1987 David and Gina (Ermajean) Stavros uprooted their two young children and followed a call to cross-cultural ministry in Lima, Peru. In the subsequent ten years they planted a church in the first four years and thereafter established a thriving small group movement encouraging a leadership that is led by Jesus among professional, business and political leaders. Additionally, they worked with street children opening a safe house. In Flores de Villa, they were instrumental in opening a Medical Post in an abandoned bus to meet the urgent physical needs of the poorest of the poor, formed a group of women from the community who were committed to promoting health among their neighbors, and began a prayer group of women.
When their youngest graduated from high school, they moved to Arizona for two years to make sure their two children were firmly rooted in the United States. The call to Peru persisted. After several years of working with street children in Lima, they continued to ask themselves the question: Is there something preventive they could do, so these kids don’t end up on the street? God demonstrated to them how walking alongside families, mostly abandoned women with young children who live in abject poverty helping them help themselves was the answer.

They returned to Peru to focus fully on the community of Flores de Villa. They established Peruvian Partners so North Americans could connect in a real and significant way with South American families and youth. These are mothers and/or fathers who have the same dreams we have for our children…with one distinct difference. They were born in a developing country into abject poverty. They daily have to choose between food or medical attention for a sick child; food or clothes; work or school for their children.

Please read in the pages of this website about ways you can become involved in Peruvian Partners or email
GinaStavros@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

Family Update: Their family was four … now they are ten! Their daughter Nicole and family live in Arizona with their two little children. Their son Alex is directing a residential treatment center in Missouri, along with his wife and two little children.

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