Adopt a Family

To prevent the need for children to quit school to beg on the streets, in accordance with God’s desire to keep families together, a sponsorship was developed where North American families develop a relationship with a Peruvian family through writing letters, providing support for educational and/or basic medical needs. Some North American families have visited their family in Peru and built them a house.

The “adopt a family” program has the intention of keeping the integrity of the family in extreme poverty intact, while introducing them to the love of Jesus and how to walk with Him and grow in His grace. This is a mutually rewarding ministry both for you and your Peruvian family.


Peruvian Partners Adopt a Family Guidelines

Family History:
You will receive a “family history” sheet that notes the names and birthdates of the members in your adopted family including any information available about their occupations. Generally speaking you can assume the children in Flores de Villa attend school, and at least one parent works (carpenters, craftsman, sewing, teacher, vendors, shop owners, maid, etc.). However, work is irregular and rarely is there enough to make ends meet. Most live in shanties with dirt floors.


Written Communication:
We would ask that you commit to write a letter every 6 months. This communication is very important to the Peruvian families. They want to know that you are thinking about them, praying for them, and interested in their lives in a tangible way. They also will write you and pray for you.

If interested in adopting a family, please contact Gina at

Peruvian Partners