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Meet Rossy

posted Feb 19, 2013, 6:12 AM by Gina Stavros   [ updated Feb 19, 2013, 6:14 AM ]

Rossy grew up in extreme poverty – physical and emotional – in Chincha, a small town about 50 miles south of Lima.  She and her young husband moved to Lima in search of work.  Her husband found work as a jewelry maker working long hours, for sub-standard pay.  Rossy found loneliness and just more desperation.

Rossy’s two young daughters always came to the English camps.  They were so friendly, open and fun that after one English Camp I asked them to take me home to meet their mom.  They took me to a shack with a side door.  We had to turn sideways in order to pass through the long dark hall to the back of the shack.  They lived in one dark room behind another family.

Rossy was so embarrassed and shy when she saw me she began to cry.  I invited her to join us in the Bible study, but she refused saying she must care for her baby boy. She told me a neighbor had invited her one time, but she said she didn’t like going out.

A few months later she showed up at the Bible study at the insistence of her neighbor. She didn’t like it at first.  After a few more times, she fell in love with Jesus and has been a faithful, enthusiastic participant ever since.   The withdrawn, gloomy, lonely Rossy is now the most collaborative person you could meet.  She will help anyone anytime. She is incredibly generous of her time and resources.  Because of her gratefulness of how Jesus so radically changed her life–not physically, but emotionally and spiritually–he wants everyone to know HIM so they can experience the same joy she has.

Carla Cristiana

posted Nov 29, 2012, 6:49 AM by Gina Stavros

My name is Carla Cristiana.  My first memory is when my father had to go to Puno for the burial of my grandfather. My grandfather’s brother in a drunken rage had hit him over the head with a rock and he died.  My father did not return to Lima for over a year. Many times we went hungry. We were alone and afraid.  I have 5 sisters; three older sisters and two younger ones.

My childhood was difficult because my mom always had to work and if anything went wrong my father blamed her. He was a violent, mean, angry man.  When I was a toddler they left me locked in the house a lot while everyone else went to school or work. It was terrifying. I cried a lot and there was no one to hear me.  When my mom had my younger sister I was the one who had to take care of her. If she fell or something was amiss, I was the one they would hit.

My parents were more concerned about work than us. There were lots of nasty fights. One horrible night my dad pulled out a pistol, pointed it at us and told us he was going to kill us all. Fortunately, he shot the gun in the air and not at us.

When I get sad I cry so no one can see me and I try to forget about those things and remember the good things in my life.

The best day of my life was the day when a friend invited me to a get together where they were sharing God’s Word.  My life changed for the better when I moved into the Casa Darling. I was able to sleep in a real bed. I feel safe. I can hope. Now, I read the Bible with the other girls every single night.  My life has changed dramatically.

My dream was to one day be strong enough to share God’s word with my family.  He has answered my prayer.  My parents’ lives have changed a lot.  Now, my dad even picks up the Bible and reads it.  They have seen the change in me.  I am so grateful.

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