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Meaningful and significant friendships between Peruvians & North Americans

In 1987, we joined a church planting team headed to Lima, Perú. The church was planted in San Isidro and continues to this day with Peruvian leadership. Then we were called to start a small group ministry among elected officials, business leaders and professionals in Perú, partnering with the National Prayer Breakfast movement. The groups continue and in October 2020 we had the 25th Annual Peruvian National Prayer Breakfast.

While ministering to leaders, we started working with street children on the weekends. We wanted to see where these kids came from, so reached out to their families. After gaining their trust, they took us to their homes. We were sickened and heartbroken by what we saw. Abject poverty, loneliness, desperation was rampant. Moms, and in some cases, grandmothers losing the battle to provide even the most basic necessities for their children. Fathers were not part of the picture for any of these families.

God impressed on our heart a desire to partner and support the moms and grandmothers in a community that looked like the ones we saw that day. So, we started praying to that end. And to make a long story short we found a community, called Flores de Villa, with dirt roads, no running water or sewage system, that had straw or scrap wood huts sitting on a landfill and garbage dump.

From day one we established a partnership with the people who lived there. We worked together to ameliorate their intolerable conditions. We did not want our contribution to be characterized by handouts, nor give the impression that we had all the answers. This was going to be a partnership; not something that we were going to do for them or to them, but rather WITH them.

The only title we gave ourselves was “friend”. We resolved to lift up Jesus and to do our work in His name and His spirit. We followed Jesus’ example of being with the people. Today, praise God, there is a large family of followers of Jesus in Flores de Villa and surrounding communities.

After several years of serving with our Peruvian friends in Flores de Villa, we founded Peruvian Partners, a 503C non-profit. Peruvian Partners is an international family of friends in Jesus, established to facilitate meaningful and significant friendships between Peruvians and North Americans from which both benefit in a powerful and personal way.

We invite you to take time to peruse the Peruvian Partners website to discover ways you might partner with a Peruvian family and/or young person.

Donating to Peruvian Partners

When you donate to Peruvian Partners, you make an instant impact on the lives of the Peruvian people in Flores de Villa, Peru. One hundred percent of monies donated to Peruvian Partners go directly to Peruvians on the ground and ministry initiatives. Personal sponsorship for David and Gina is done completely separate via the International Foundation. This allows for complete financial transparency and financial stewardship.

To donate to Peruvian Partners by check: PERUVIAN PARTNERS, P.O. Box 735, Delano, MN 55328.

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