Youth Sponsorship

A Youth Needs Your Sponsorship Today!

After working with street children in Lima, Peru for several years, we relentlessly asked ourselves the question; “Is there something preventive we can do, so these kids don’t end up on the streets?” God demonstrated to us how giving these youth at risk the opportunity to live in a safe haven, to learn about Jesus, and by example give them the opportunity to give back to others in like conditions – not only keeps them off the streets, but is life-transforming!

These are young people who have the same dreams we do, with one distinct difference: they were born in a developing country into abject poverty. These teens have no choices or hope for their future. All have been emotionally abused; most physically abused and some sexually abused. All are teetering on the edge of falling into drugs, prostitution or other illicit enterprises simply in order to survive. They are intelligent, gifted, curious, hungry, sensitive young people who need an opportunity! YOU CAN GIVE THEM THAT OPPORTUNITY! Inevitably, they in turn go back and help their families and others in need. So, your giving just keeps on giving…

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