A family needs your sponsorship today

After working with street children in Lima, Peru for several years, we relentlessly asked ourselves the question, is there something preventive we can do, so these kids don’t end up on the streets. God demonstrated to us how to walk alongside families (mostly abandoned women with young children who live in abject poverty), and how to teach them the principles of Jesus, reaching out to their children, helping them help themselves in providing needs for their children and providing a person in North America who was willing to pray for them.

These are mothers and/or fathers who have the same dreams you have for your children… with one distinct difference: they were born in a developing country into abject poverty. They daily have to choose between food or medical attention for a sick child; food or clothes; work or school for their children.


  • Friendship in the spirit of Jesus, the opportunity to pray for your family members by name
  • Minimum tax-deductible donation of $50/month which provides ONLY the most basic of educational or emergency medical needs of the family
  • At least two letters a year and an updated photo should be sent to your Peruvian family
  • The opportunity to send birthday, holiday and other greetings to your family on special occasions
    What you receive when you become a sponsor
  • At least two letters and an updated photo from your family each year so you can see for yourself the changes sponsorship is making in your family’s life
  • A quarterly Peruvian Partnerships e-Newsletter with testimonies from Peruvian families, sponsors, and/or updates on the community of Flores de Villa
  • Many sponsors have visited their families in Peru, helped in transforming their cardboard shack into a home of bricks, helped in life-saving medical interventions, and experienced the confidence of knowing their Peruvian family was praying for them daily
  • The satisfaction of opening your heart to a special family who will remember your generosity and compassion for a lifetime… and have eternal impact

“I first heard about the Adopt-a-Family program many years ago and wanted to get my family involved. My daughters were in elementary school at the time, and we wanted to be paired with a family who also had kids the same age. We were given a family with 3 kids who were similar ages and so the relationship began. We shared pictures and a few letters, but it wasn’t until we had the opportunity to visit Flores de Villa and meet our family that things really started to grow. Despite a language barrier, our kids played with one another and we enjoyed getting to know them. That was 20 years ago. Our repeated visits to Flores de Villa allowed us to spend more and more time with them until we called them friends. What my family discovered was that we didn’t just adopt them, they also adopted us. We gained a family who cared about us and prayed for us just as we did for them. Recently, we got connected with another family and have been blessed by walking with them through life’s ups and downs. We have learned so much from our Peruvian families about what it means to open your home to new friends, live in community, and share your faith. We are so grateful for our Peruvian friends!”