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We work with a group of trained Health Promoters (women and/or men who have been in discipleship and are trained by medical professionals) to teach nutrition, hygiene, disease prevention, self care, first aid, conflict resolution, self-esteem, parenting, communication skills, etc. to individuals or small groups. They are trained to identify critical situations and bring the individual(s) to the medical post so they can be treated for both physical and spiritual needs.

Medical Post

The purpose of the medical ministry is to confront malnutrition and disease and alleviate suffering. It is a gateway to demonstrate God’s unconditional love to the multitudes and lead people to Christ.

The medical post receives patients from an area with a concentration of 45,000 people who live in poverty or extreme poverty. Medical services, nutritional aid, epidemics control, adequate clinical laboratory analyses, vaccinations and health care education are urgent.

Tons of garbage still exist about 1½ meter below ground and in some areas toxic gases seep through the soil. Medical needs are varied and proper diagnoses are imperative.

The Medical Post staff attends patients with TB, hepatitis, typhoid, cancers, epilepsy, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, HTLV-1 and a wide variety of bronchial, digestive, urinary track, asthmatic, and skin infections. Parasitical, Amoebic and gastro-intestinal infections are commonplace; as are fungal infections. Emergencies include cuts, burns, bites, heart attacks, asthmatic attacks, severe allergic reactions, strokes, insulin shock, migraines, lack of oxygen, etc.

Medical Team

Medical Team


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